First Time Visitor?

If you are a first time visitor to our website, one of the first things you will notice about us is how much we care about you and how we show Jesus' love for each other. Here are just a few of the ways we show the love of Jesus:




What You Can Expect

As you come in the door you will likely be met by a group of people who will ask you all kinds of questions.  They are not being nosey!  They genuinely care about you and want to get to know you.


After you sit down the pastor will most likely introduce himself to you before the service begins.  At the beginning of the service guests and visitors are welcomed, and invited to sign the guest book, and stay after the service for some refreshments in the Fellowship area. 


In the Fellowship area you will once again be approached by several people who are genuinely interested in getting to know you.  Don't be afraid.  They are just friendly.


Finally, a few days after your visit you will receive a followup call from the pastor, thanking you for worshipping with us.  You will also receive in the mail a card of thankfullness for your visit from the congregation.


See what I mean?  People who love each other in the name of Christ, and who share the love of Christ at every opportunity.

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